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Statistical Analysis Software on the NetBeans Platform

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Statistical Analysis Software on the NetBeans Platform

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Sharp Statistics develops statistical analysis software for all types of data that can range from a simple Excel add in to stand alone Windows application. Sharp statistics software is developed by statisticians who understand and have practical experience of applying statistical methods to real data.
The motivation behind the Sharp Statistics software package was to develop an application that could be used to get a quick overview of the relationships in a data set, as a precursor to a more thorough analysis. Data can be imported in from CSV files or pasted directly from a spreadsheet.
The main functionality of the software is the ability to perform principal component analysis (PCA) as well as multivariate Partial Least Squares (PLS) modelling. All data generated from a model is available as further data sets to enable further evaluation and modelling.  The current version is considered a beta version as the idea is to work on knowledge gained, to develop a more generic analysis application. 

NetBeans Platform 

The NetBeans Platform was chosen as the basis of the software as it seemed the best supported and documented application framework available with plenty of tutorials and books available.
The modular nature of the NetBeans Platform has been ideal for this type of application as each analysis method can be contained within a separate module allowing further functionality to be easily added.



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