Video: NetBeans Plaform Training in Cracow, Poland

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Video: NetBeans Plaform Training in Cracow, Poland

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Below are some links to the videos recorded during the "NetBeans Platform Certified Training" we had here in Cracow sometime ago. It was led by Geertjan Wielenga, Anton Epple, and Karol Harezlak, while being organized by the PolishJUG.

I'm posting these links here, hoping that they might turn out to be useful or interesting for anyone who didn't have the chance to attend the training and for anyone else thinking about organizing a training of this kind.

Please note that these videos do not cover the training in full, some parts were omitted - you'll have to attend an training yourself to get the "whole package". ;-)

All the videos are hosted on nbp2010cracow.blip.tv (links to videos in Polish were skipped in this post).

If interested in such a training, contact Geertjan Wielenga at geertjan dot wielenga at sun dot com or write to users at edu dot netbeans dot org.

All videos are avaiable on the Creative Commons so feel free to use them anyhow you want. Sources and other things about the training we had can be found at netbeans.edu.pl or this dzone.com post.


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