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Label Decorations for Maven Projects in NetBeans IDE 7.4

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In NetBeans IDE 7.4, I like that I can now show the "groupId", "artifactId", and "version" in Maven project nodes. Eclipse users know this feature from their "m2eclipse" plugin:

For example, this helps me verify whether the current feature branch matches the POM version.

Let's start with the default, i.e., no POM version information is shown, which is the behaviour of pre-7.4:

Here you can see the use of a predefined pattern, i.e., version information is now shown:

You can even define a very custom pattern, where you can access every property of the POM model. Here is an artificial example.

By the way, it is cool that the project name is reused in other dialogs too, as can be seen above. That is simple and comes for free.

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