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NBnotify: NetBeans Growl Notifications Now With Website

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See what your NetBeans IDE is doing while you are away from it with Growl notifications!

The NetBeans Growl notifications plugin has a new name, NBnotify, and a shiny new website.

NBnotify displays the NetBeans IDE notifications as pure Growl notifications on OSX. Besides that, it also displays build notifications, which are very handy when you are emailing and the IDE is running the test suite -- you'll instantly know when the test suite finished.

For example here is a notification about a build while I'm reading DZone:

Browser screenshot while browsing DZone and getting a build notification

Visit nbnotify.com to learn more about the plugin, see a video of the installation and usage and install it as quickly as possible.

The new website also hosts NBnotify's update center so after the first install you should be automatically notified about updates by NetBeans IDE. Mind you, the notifications will also be shown through Growl, thanks to NBnotify.

NBnotify continues to be free for personal usage and don't be shy about sending your feedback through the contact form.

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