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The Need for Agile Project Management

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The Need for Agile Project Management

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Project management plays a vital role in any project success whether a project follows a traditional approach or an agile process. Many projects involve complex problems or fast moving situations. You are focusing on one deliverable or solving problem but there is a need to change whole course and revise your plans.

In traditional approach this revisions might end up with missing deadlines, inflated costs, and increased workload. In worst case these situations change so much during the project life cycle that when it needs to be delivered, the project has no longer relevant.

Agile project management is one such solution that can help you deal with these challenges. In this article, we’ll discuss what Agile is and why it is beneficial.

What is Agile Project Management

Agile project management is an iterative approach that focuses on continuous improvement, flexibility, team input. With the agile approach the project tasks are divided into small increments i.e. functioning releases of a project. Each release is tested according to the customer requirements and not aiming at the single final result.

At the end, the product may be different from what is foreseen initially but the project team can be sure about the fact that what they are delivering to the customers is 100% according to their needs and requirements.

Therefore, this makes agile project management the new approach for the fast moving and fast changing business needs.

Who benefits from Agile project management?

+  Customers or end users that get full satisfaction as they are involved throughout the project life cycle, courtesy to frequent releases.

+  Development team gets benefits from agile as it shortens the learning curve and development time for sprints/iterations.

+  Testers get easy access to software to test

+  Better visibility across all the stakeholders as there is continuous collaboration and right expectations with each other.

How they get benefit from Agile Project management

+  Faster ROI

The best way to get faster ROI is to build functional product across the iterations, move it to the market early with the limited features and the constantly adding new features and then launch with the fully developed version. Agile approach is best suited with these situations to gain the first mover benefits.

+  Mitigate Risks

In the agile approach, as the iterations are short and there is a continuous involvement of client throughout the project. Continuous feedback from the prospect customers helps in mitigating risks of the project failure to meet the client expectations.

+  Granular Visibility

It increases visibility and transparency across all the software processes with a proper collaboration and alignment among all the stakeholders. It enables all the stakeholders to get a deep insight into product plans, priorities and progress. Agile brings all the stakeholders at the same page in terms of project progress and expectations.

Moreover, the best part in agile approach is that it doesn’t involve any daily meetings, extraneous documentations. It involves self organizing teams where information is timely communicated to all the stakeholders thus also improves quality.

Bottom Line

The motive is not to believe that agile approach is the perfect solution but to understand the real benefits of Agile and how it can improves your business values and benefits to your organization.


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