Negotiation Tips Beyond Salary for Web Developers

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Negotiation Tips Beyond Salary for Web Developers

Before you sign that employment contract, think about some of the other factors that go into your compensation aside from your salary.

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Negotiating a new job contract is not only about the size of your paycheck. If you only focus on the salary a new job promises, you stand the risk of missing out on an array of valuable perks. By applying the right negotiations training skills, you can work out a comprehensive compensation plan that is beneficial for both you and the company.

Web development is a highly competitive field, and you need to find ways to stand out. A job interview is an excellent platform to showcase your negotiation skills and set yourself apart as the ideal candidate for the position.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for web developers in the US is $75,000 per year. However, salary packages can range from $58,000 to $135,000 per year depending on your negotiating power, position, and the company’s policies. While other candidates are attempting to get better pay, you can improve your standing by negotiating for other benefits that will give you a better deal in the long run. 

If you focus on negotiating for better benefits rather than focusing only on a bigger paycheck, your interviewers may prefer you because of your creative ideas and negotiation skills. Here are some tips to consider during your negotiations.

Seek Mutually Beneficial Deals

Identify perks that would be good for you and the company, such as participation in professional development programs. Since professional training programs improve the performance of the staff, many companies are open to adding training to your compensation plan. Both you and the company can reap significant benefits from the added value your improved skills bring.

Contract Versus Salary Employment

In the web development industry, you can either be hired as a contractor or a salaried employee. In many organizations, salaried employees typically get more perks and lower pay than contractors. In the US, you can earn an average of $12,000 more as a contractor in the web development industry than as a permanent employee, according to Glassdoor.

So, the key is to wisely deploy your negotiation skills from your training in your interview. Your negotiation classes can teach you how to present your case to the company, explaining why it would be beneficial to hire you in accordance with your preferred contract.

Work From Home

With ubiquitous access to powerful personal computers and high-speed internet, many web developers opt for the chance to work from home. Working from home is especially beneficial if you live far from the office, as you save on travel time and costs. If you negotiate an hourly payment plan and present a reasonable reporting method for your work, you can make a good case to work from home.


As you prepare your negotiation strategy for a new contract or role, take time to identify and define your goals for the new position. With your ideals in mind, you will be able to recognize the benefits the company has to offer and negotiate to secure the deal you really want.

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