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Neo4j 1.9 M03 Released

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Neo4j 1.9 M03 Released

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The following article was posted by Peter Neubauer over at the Neo4j blog.

Hi all,

In the middle of the end-of-year festivities we are happy to announce another Neo4j 1.9 milestone before the year ends. This time, it is a milestone that is all about stability for 1.9.GA and paves the way for a major dependency version upgrade in the next version. For a full changelog, see the original on Github.


We removed an issue with relationship-type-id’s which allows everyone to use the full size of 16 bit aka 65535 different relationship-types now. We also worked on the Java7/OpenJDK support (so far compilation and tests).

High Availability

For the new HA mode we improved the logging, added more tests and made it more robust on startup and when clients leave the cluster in order to stabilize the component for Neo4j 1.9.GA.


In this milestone, the code for the Tinkerpop integration into the Neo4j Server and its Web-Interface and the Gremlin Plugin has been refactored and centralized. This makes all Tinkerpop dependencies reside only inside that plugin. So it will be possible to support two versions of the Gremlin plugin, one for the 1.5 release and another plugin for the current 2.2.


Cypher got a lot of internal refactoring, especially around the internal handling of start- and updating clauses and general parse-result representation and management.

Our Cypher code has seen some bug fixes, namely around queries that returned non-existant paths https://github.com/neo4j/neo4j/issues/336, substring length limits https://github.com/neo4j/neo4j/issues/369 and updating properties in bulk with SET. We also removed the now obsolete Cypher Plugin that has been deprecated for two releases now.

With that, 'nuff said. Grab the release here. Now on to the next milestone and Happy New Year from the Neo4j community!

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