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From the Neo4j Community: Best of June 2014

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From the Neo4j Community: Best of June 2014

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This post was originally written by Adam Herzog at the Neo4j blog.

The Neo4j community once again posted tons graph-tastic stuff this past month from awesome articles to great GraphGists. Here are a few of our favorites from the Neo4j community in June:


Aggregate by different functions and join results into one data frame by Mark Needham

Creating a Graph with Cypher by mteasdal

Experimenting with Explaining Neo4j on a Whiteboard by Rik Van Bruggen

Experiments with NEO4J: Using a graph database as a SQL Server metadata hub by David Poole

Extracting Your LinkedIn Connections Into Neo4j Graph Database by Greg Dziemidowicz

Find JPA Entities without Field Access by Aparna Chaudhary

Graph Databases Find Answers for the Sick and their Healers by Joab Jackson

A Graph Database Should Be On Your Technology Radar for the Next Application You Build by Amir Khawaja

Hierarchical Pattern Recognition by Kenny Bastani

Importing CSV Data into Neo4j to Make a Graph by Samantha Zeitlin

Modelling the TOUR DE FRANCE 2014 in a Neo4j Graph Database by Lorenzo Speranzoni

Neo4j Unit Testing with Graph Unit by Aldrin Misquitta and Luanne Misquitta

Neo4j’s Cypher Vs. Clojure — Group By and Sorting by Mark Needham

Rendering a Neo4j Database in UbiGraph by DZone

Scaling Concurrent Writes in Neo4j by Max De Marzi

Set Based Operations with the experimental Cypher optimiser by Mark Needham

Smooth Cypher with eXtended Objects: Neo4j and Cypher-DSL by Lars Martin


Getting Started with Neo4j, Ruby 2.1.2, and Rails 4.1.1 by Ben Morgan

Visualization of a Deep Learning Algorithm for Mining Patterns in Data by Kenny Bastani

Building Neo4j Backed Web Applications by Axel Morgner


Device Troubleshooting using a Graph Database by Ravi Pappu

Elite: Dangerous Trading by Rickard Oberg

A GraphGist of GraphGists by May Lim

The Recruitment Graph Model by GraphAware

Swearing GraphGist by Rik Van Bruggen


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