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Neo4j Cypher Error: Don't Know How to Add Double and String [Code Snippets]

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Neo4j Cypher Error: Don't Know How to Add Double and String [Code Snippets]

Learn how to deal with the Neo.ClientError.Statement.TypeError error in Neo4j, which involves not knowing how to add a Double and String in Cypher.

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I recently upgraded a Neo4j-backed application from Neo4j 3.2 to Neo4j 3.3 and came across an interesting change in behavior around type coercion, which led to my application throwing a bunch of errors.

In Neo4j 3.2 and earlier, if you added a String to a Double, it would coerce the Double to a String and concatenate the values. The following would, therefore, be valid Cypher:

RETURN toFloat("1.0") + " Mark"

│"result"  │
│"1.0 Mark"│

This behavior has changed in the 3.3 series and will instead throw an exception:

RETURN toFloat("1.0") + " Mark"

Neo.ClientError.Statement.TypeError: Don't know how to add `Double(1.000000e+00)` and `String(" Mark")`

We can work around that by forcing our query to run in 3.2 mode:

RETURN toFloat("1.0") + " Mark" AS result

Or we can convert the Double to a String in our Cypher statement:

RETURN toString(toFloat("1.0")) + " Mark" AS result

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