Neo4j on Stack Overflow: Weekly Round-up

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Neo4j on Stack Overflow: Weekly Round-up

Come have a look at trending questions concerning Neo4j on Stack Overflow, and what they have to say about the current state of graph affairs.

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In this new near-weekly series, we take a look at questions related to Neo4j appearing on Stack Overflow over the last several days and see if we can't glean some insight into the minds of those using the graph database. Maybe we will find some patterns or even see what are current popular topics of questions being posed.

Or maybe you, good reader, can even help answer some of these questions!

Neo4j 3.0

Hot off the presses last month, Neo4j 3.0 took center stage in the graph world, complete with exciting new features and improvements.

Such a major release can also, of course, pose some challenges. Take upgrading from a previous version and the related data migration, for example. Unsurprisingly, while Neo does have a published guide to migrating data between versions, such a major version change can potentially prove to be a bit tougher than one might expect. Here are some such questions:

A few other Neo4j 3.0-specific questions also include:


Neo4j's new binary protocol, Bolt, is such a huge part of the latest Neo4j release that it has its own section in this post. Expect to see plenty of questions about how to use this protocol, especially with Neo4j 3.0's inclusion of several officially-sanctioned driver implementations in some of your favorite languages.

While it might be a bit too early to tell just how well the protocol is faring, it is clear that people are seizing the opportunity to check it out and make use of it.


As is to be expected, questions surrounding Neo4j's querying language, Cypher, are a mainstay of the Stack Overflow questions asked when it comes to Neo4j. A couple popular topics this week seem to surround obtaining unique values, performance, and how to properly use the LOAD CSV command.

Questions surrounding unique values are often addressed by going a bit more in-depth into the Neo4j manual, especially the section on Cypher. As I have found when teaching Neo4j classes, questions about unique values/nodes/paths come up frequently, but the feeling for a student of a job well-done when that student is able to reason out the answer via instant feedback and a little research is tough to beat.


That's it for "This Week in Neo4j on Stack Overflow." While the title of the series may be in flux, I believe the insights in this article will be of value to many, especially those still getting their feet wet in the graph community.

Happy graphing!

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