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Neo4j: When the Web Console Returns Nothing . . . Use the Data Browser

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Neo4j: When the Web Console Returns Nothing . . . Use the Data Browser

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In my time playing around with neo4j I’ve run into a problem a few times where I executed a query using the web console (usually accessible @ http://localhost:7474/webadmin/#/console/) and have got absolutely no response.

I noticed a similar thing today when Rickard and I were having a look at why a Lucene index query wasn’t behaving as we expected.

I setup some data in a neo4j database using neography with the following code:

require 'neography'
@neo = Neography::Rest.new
@neo.create_node_index("Id_Index", "exact", "lucene")
node1 = @neo.create_node("Hour" => 1, "name" => "Max")
node2 = @neo.create_node("Hour" => 2, "name" => "Mark")
node3 = @neo.create_node("Hour" => 3, "name" => "Rickard")
@neo.add_node_to_index("Id_Index", "Hour", 1, node1)
@neo.add_node_to_index("Id_Index", "Hour", 2, node2) 
@neo.add_node_to_index("Id_Index", "Hour", 3, node3)

I then ran the following query which I was expecting to return all the nodes:

start hour=node:Id_Index("Hour:[00 TO 02] or Hour:[03 TO 05]") RETURN hour

Instead it returned nothing and I couldn’t see anything being logged either.

Rickard pointed out was because the exception is only returned to the API caller and that it would be better to run the query from the Data Browser which is typically accessible fromhttp://localhost:7474/webadmin/#/data/search/

If we run the query from there then we can see what’s going wrong:


There seemed to be some strangeness going on with how Lucene handles the query when a default search field isn’t provided but we noticed that it behaved as expected if we didn’t use an OR since Lucene has an implicit OR between statements anyway.

start hour=node:Id_Index("Hour:[00 TO 02] Hour:[03 TO 05]") RETURN hour

Either way, the lesson for me was if the console isn’t giving a result run the query in the data browser to work out what’s going wrong!

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