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Neo4j.org 3.0 Launch

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Neo4j.org 3.0 Launch

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Curator's Note: The content of this article was originally written by Michael Hunger over at Neo4j

A new year, a new look - after gathering a lot of feedback for the launch of neo4j.org after GraphConnect last year we decided to invest more time and effort to make the site the main hub for information around Neo4j.


One major goal is to make it easier for you to get up and running with Neo4j. We hope to achieve this by providing everything in one place, from the download, set-up screencasts and step by step instructions to the rich choice of language support and the appropriate drivers.

We also want to make it easier for people that never worked with graph databases before to learn about Neo4j. So we created the infrastructure and started to work on learning paths that will tell a consistent story around a use-case or technology involving Neo4j. Currently we feature a learning path for Java and for Cypher but there will be many more to come. Any input in how to structure the paths and present the material is highly welcome!

Layout & Usability

Another aspect is a more consistent layout, unlike the previous site it isn’t done by database developers ;) So besides the main page content there is a number of related content items of different types per page. Some of those items will be featured in a big box (several in a slider) others will be listed below in a tiled view. That helps us to provide content relevant to the page in an unintrusive manner.

Finding interesting content quickly should be easy. From the interactive graph showing important concepts on the start page, the footer quick links and the main navigation areas and the site search - everything should allow you to find relevant content. The related items per page and learning paths will help a lot too, we hope.


We now incorporate many types of content, from links, videos, books and presentations to static textual information or content pulled from our manual or github repositories. We also integrate event information from google calendar, tweets and data from google spreadsheets.

Open Source Site

The whole site is hosted on github, so we would love to invite you to contribute. Feel free to fork the repository and issue a pull-request. Be it new pages, content (most appreciated) or layout fixes.

If you have any interesting related content to add to any page - be it a blog post, presentation, video github project or sample application you came across, please don’t hesitate to ping us either via email or an github issue or issue the pull request.

As we also try to expand the topic pages, for instance the language pages (e.g. for ruby) into learning paths and add more content there - so we want to encourage everyone to contribute to these pages and perhaps even take mentorship for a content page.

Download the whitepaper, Moving From Relational to NoSQL: How to Get Started. We’ll take you step by step through your first NoSQL project.


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