Nest Releasing Weave Protocol to Developers

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Nest Releasing Weave Protocol to Developers

Nest has been a pioneer in the connected home market, and with Weave, they'll allow IoT developers to integrate their devices into the Nest ecosystem.

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When Nest launched five years ago, the connected home was still only a concept. Aided in large part by Nest, the connected home has become a bonafide market, and one of the more quickly-adopted facets of the Internet of Things.

One of the major issues with the Internet of Things, and the connected home specifically, has been communication protocols. What’s the point of all of these networked devices if they can’t actually speak to each other?

Nest saw this as an opportunity, and created their own protocol—Nest Weave. They’ve integrated Weave into all of their products and have been enormously successful.

Now, Nest is opening up their platform to everyone making connected home products.

Nest Weave will allow devices to speak with each other, and directly to Nest.

Weave will work in tandem with their cloud API, Works with Nest, their connected home platform. Many connected devices already work in tandem with the Nest Cam, their latest offering. Weave will allow developers to integrate their connected home products into the Nest ecosystem.

You can read Nest’s full press release here. 

Weave will launch for developers in 2016.

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