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.NET with AngularJS = <3

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.NET with AngularJS = <3

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Learning AngularJS for .NET Developers

This book is simply AMAZING, and while there are reviews that are taking stars off the rating because of personal preferences is too critical. Perhaps getting started with .NET and AngularJS from a PHP framework, this book simply had loads of viable information and solutions that would be usable in the "real world" and the fact that the Author opted for open source applications is a huge bonus, I've spent countless money on books and get irritated when more software is required, it's nice to see everything in this book is attainable at no cost. As for the examples in this book I had no issues running the samples, the book is clearly written and covers the most important aspects of getting started with .NET / AngularJS.

Right away this book jumps right into AngularJS and get's up and running not only with the downloadable examples but actual live samples of the example online. Being a visual oriented learner it was so nice to have the diagrams through the book, and if you purchase the ebook they're in color! Much to my suprize a few good Security topics were discovered, and they were just as viable and practical as other frameworks I've used. The book is also very organized, file structure, and everything flowed from the first chapter to the last.

I really loved the bonus on caching and optimizations, many times you'll get some starter books and they won't cover anything advanced or say this is "outside the scope of this book". This book didn't disappoint me at all. If you're an expert you'd probably not gain much from this book other then a quick reference guide which is still cool.


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