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NetBeans IDE 6.10 M1: Initial Impressions

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NetBeans IDE 6.10 M1: Initial Impressions

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So far, NetBeans IDE 6.10, Milestone 1,  (download here) is quite impressive IMO.

It is good to see some enhancements I requested not long ago implemented: 178107. Though it is not marked as fixed, I saw the improved behavior in the code when a controller is generated. Sadly, however, the fix for issue 189366 caused a runtime error, described in issue 189997.

It is great to see Visual Web back and in all its glory:

Of course, the above is not available by default, but a quick trip to the Plugin Manager (under the Tools menu) will make it available to you. I've only done some preliminary testing, nothing fancy or complicated, and it worked perfectly. Besides that, the Web Service wizard looks and feels more natural, while the JPA controllers are smarter.

It was good to see the editor wrapping finally up and working:

However, highlighting words right where the line wraps needs some work as the cursor moves between lines. Though the performance is a bit slow, it isn't bad for a M1 release. I've seen worse when the word wrapping was in its early stages.

Overall, I think its the best M1 we've seen for a while.

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