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I really enjoyed NetBeans Day 2011 in Munich and I'd like to thank all the attendees for coming and especially the presenters. I think we really had a great day with cool talks and more than 80 visitors from many countries.

Here's a short summary for those who couldn't attend:

Java Performance Tuning

The day started with a talk by Java Champion and performance guru Kirk Pepperdine from Kodewerk.

In his presentation he introduced the audience to his structured methodology for finding performance issues and demonstrated a couple of useful tools that help identifying the dominating consumer of the CPU including VisualVM, an application that is part of the JDK and based on the NetBeans Platform. The presentation ended with an interactive demo of a performance tuning session.

If you'd like to learn more about performance tuning, Kirk is going to be back in Munich later this year for a comprehensive 4 day workshop:

Become Proficient in Java Performance Tuning with Kirk Pepperdine

More pictures from his talk can be found here.

Petr Jiricka

What's new in NetBeans 7

Next on stage was Petr Jiricka (Oracle, Prague) with his talk about what's new in NetBeans 7.0.

In his overview he also showed how NetBeans already is prepared for the new language features in JDK 7.

He showed some great demos about how easy it is to refactor existing code to use the language enhancements introduced by Project Coin (Multicatch, Strings in switch statements, Diamond operator...).

His presentation is available for download here:

What´s new in NetBeans 7

Advanced Usage of Annotations via JSR 269

Also coming directly from the NetBeans Team in Prague, Jaroslav Tulach, one of the original founders of NetBeans.

He discussed the use of Annotations in comparison to Domain Specific Languages and showed how to use them for code generation.

The presentation is available for download here:

Advanced Usage of Annotations via JSR 269


 The Hitchhiker's guide to the NetBeans Platform

After the great lunch sponsored by Oracle, Kirk showed a surprise he had prepared together with Sven Reimers and Martin Klähn the evening before, a fully functional new plugin for VisualVM.

After that I gave a presentation of what else you can do with the NetBeans Platform, and did some demos of new features in NB Platform 7. The slides are available from here. In case I got you interested, you can join us for a workshop in Munich later this year: NetBeans Platform Certified Training with Geertjan Wielenga

At the end of this presentation Jaroslav Tulach talked a little bit about the future of NetBeans and how the NetBeans Platform actually benefitted from the aquisition of Sun by Oracle. He also gave us a very cool demo as a preview of what the next version of JDeveloper might look like.

NetBeans - The Platform for  Embedded Java Development

Dr. Rainer Eschrich from Oracle Munich gave a presentation on how to use NetBeans for developing embedded applications.




Sven Reimers, Milos Kleint, Jaroslav Tulach, and birthday boy Martin Klähn joined me for the "NetBeans Platform BOF" and we discussed a little bit more about future developments, JavaFX, Maven and how individuals can contribute to improve NetBeans.

After the next coffee break Oracle Developer of the Year Adam Bien joined us to show some "Real World Java EE 6 Hacking with plain vanilla NetBeans". As you can imagine he didn't bring many slides :-).


The NetBeans day was organized by Eppleton IT Consulting in Munich in collaboration with Oracle. Special thanks goes to Tinuola Awopetu and Galileo Press for the support and the giveaways! We hope to see all of you again next year!

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