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NetBeans at Java Day Tokyo 2015

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NetBeans at Java Day Tokyo 2015

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Recently, Java Day Tokyo 2015 was held, which included a successful NetBeans event.

Around 100 attendees came to the NetBeans event, with about 50% being familiar with NetBeans IDE and 20% using it for their day-to-day development. 

Overview of Demos

We demonstrated the productivity tools for Java EE development in NetBeans IDE, beginning with the "Entity Classes from Database" wizard, followed by the "JSF Pages from Entity Classes" wizard, which automatically created a PrimeFaces frontend on top of the JPA backend created by the earlier wizard.

Next, we showed the productivity tools for consuming Java EE RESTful Web Services via JSON in an HTML/JavaScript frontend that consisted of jQuery and Knockout.js. Again, we did everything via the wizards, templates, and code generators provided out of the box by NetBeans IDE.

At the end of session, I asked how many people want to try NetBeans IDE. 99% of the attendees raised their hand!


There were several questions at the end of the event, the best one was as follows:

  • I want to learn NetBeans IDE for Java EE development, however there is no Japanese book. There are some tutorials on netbeans.org in Japanese. Also, NetBeans videos are very useful, you can search for them on YouTube.

Twitter was also very active:

Attendees were surprised how good NetBeans is at code completion for HTML/JavaScript, at creating RESTful Web Services from entity classes, and that you can migrate to JDK 8 very easily in NetBeans IDE.

Here is my related blog entry:


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