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NetBeans was well represented at JavaOne China, which was held last week in Beijing. Both in the areas of Java EE and Java SE, NetBeans was a strong presence. For example, NetBeans Dream Team member Adam Bien held a great presentation (no slides!) where he simply coded in NetBeans IDE for an hour or so and the result was impressive, with lots of interaction from the audience. I found it especially interesting to see how far one can get with annotations in Java EE 6, really cool, a final farewell to XML files.

Here you see Adam in action:

In the JDK 7 arena, Oracle Java evangelist Chuk Munn Lee did several sessions on the many new enhancements coming up in JDK 7, such as the Project Coin features. I joined him each time and he gave me the last 10 minutes of each of those sessions, to show how NetBeans IDE supports the features he'd talked about. Here's one example (pic taken at Devoxx 2010):

Of course, the NetBeans Platform was there too! A hands on lab (which has also been held at JavaOne in San Francisco and Brazil) was focused on the NetBeans Platform. Here you see a few of the participants hard at work:

At the end of the week, a full day session was held on the NetBeans Platform, at one of the Oracle offices in Beijing. Several Oracle staff attended, as well as community members who had been at the hands on lab at JavaOne China.

The NetBeans booth at JavaOne China also received quite some traffic. Filip Zamboj from the NetBeans team was there throughout the conference, answering questions and showing live demos in NetBeans IDE.

All in all, a great week for NetBeans.

Finally, since it was the first time in China for many participants from Europe, several expeditions in the area were undertaken, such as to the Great Wall...

...and to some of the many temples that make Beijing such an interesting place to visit:


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