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NetBeans @ JavaOne Tokyo

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I'm Masaki Katakai, the tech lead of the NetBeans Globalization team at Oracle, reporting from JavaOne in Tokyo! Between the JavaOne sessions, many people visited the NetBeans booth, asking us many questions. Many sessions during the conference used NetBeans during the demo, so people stopping by the booth were very interested in NetBeans and, in particular, its JavaFX support.

Here you see demonstrations being done at the booth:

To give a flavor, here are some of the questions and comments at the NetBeans booth:

  • What is the advantage over Eclipse? (Many!) Many people using Eclipse now but want to know the advantages and possibilities of migrating from Eclipse.
  • Features of JavaFX support? (Many!) There were many JavaFX sessions and NetBeans was used during the demos. People want to know the support, especially the relationship between NetBeans and the JavaFX Scene Builder.
  • Performance. People had tried NetBeans before but there was a performance issue. They're looking forward to the many enhancements in this area in the upcoming NetBeans IDE 7.2.
  • GUI builder. Many had not tried this but were interested when seeing the "Matisse" GUI builder.
  • Localization. Will there continue to be support for Japanese localization?
  • Java education at university. Attendees want to use NetBeans at university courses because it is so easy to install and because of its JavaFX support.

More photos here in my blog.

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