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NetBeans Platform Certified Training in Munich

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NetBeans Platform Certified Training in Munich

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Geertjan Wielenga

March 14 -16, Munich: Learn the NetBeans Platform with NetBeans Guru Geertjan Wielenga 

Munich, Germany. The NetBeans Platform is a mature open sourced Swing framework for building general rich client applications. The platform is a "generic application", that is, a runtime which can be used to develop desktop applications. NetBeans IDE is one example of this type of application, but there are many others.

Delivered by Eppleton, a certified NetBeans Platform consultancy in Munich, Germany, the NetBeans Platform Certified Training shows you how to develop desktop applications on the NetBeans Platform from the ground up. On the first day, we start with modularity: why does it make sense to create modular applications? How and why do we isolate modules and how do isolated modules communicate with each other? On the second day, we dive into the Swing components provided by the NetBeans Platform, picking up from the window system discussed at the end of the first day, continuining with nodes, explorer views, and the widgets provided by the visual library. On the third day, we learn how to provide menu items and toolbar buttons and then we tour through the most important remaining APIs. We wrap up by discussing how modular applications are distributed and how to distribute plugins in the middle of release cycles, either as new features or patches.

The next training dates are March 14 -16, in Munich. To register for this course, go to http://www.eppleton.de/training.html.

The training will be led by NetBeans Platform expert Geertjan Wielenga. Geertjan is a NetBeans Platform trainer and writer working in the NetBeans Team. Aside from writing tutorials, books, and other documents about the NetBeans Platform, he organizes, creates, and helps to deliver the related training materials.


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