NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 3

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NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 3

Caffeinate your day with Netbeans Coffee on your Couchbase, quickly using Couchbase's plugin in Netbeans.

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This is part 3 (part 2part 1) of Coffee on Couchbase series where we are building a NetBeans plugin for Couchbase. This multi-part webinar series is a discussion with Geertjan Wielenga (@GeertjanW) and Eben Haber (@ebenhaber).

As part of this series, you’ll also learn how to build a NetBeans plugin from scratch and learn the awesomeness behind NetBeans platform.

The recording from part 3 is now available:

A lot of features have been added during this part. This episode shows the following features:

  1. Login to Couchbase server
  2. See Bucket list
  3. See Documents in Bucket
  4. Query data from buckets (basic queries, N1QL queries coming later)
  5. Compare Documents (NetBeans Diff Viewer)
  6. Open Documents (in JSON editor, not savable back to Couchbase)
  7. Multiple Couchbase hosts can be configured

The next episode will show how we built these features under the hood:

All the code is evolving at: github.com/arun-gupta/couchbase-netbeans-plugin.

NetBeans plugin module file (NBM) is now available.

Here is a snapshot of the work in progress:

NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 3

Let us know by filing bugs on features that you’d like to see in this plugin.

We’d love to see your tweets containing snapshots of your document in NetBeans. Use #NetBeans #Couchbase to let us know.

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