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NetBeans Podcast #63: A Blog, a Board, 4 Workshops and 1 Book

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Podcast Guests: Petr Jiricka, Hermien Pellissier & Toni Epple, Adam Bien, M A Hossain Tonu

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NetBeans Community News with Geertjan and Tinu

Welcome to the first NetBeans podcast in 2013!
  • If you would like to be spotlighted on Dzone or want to suggest future interviewees, send us a note at nbpodcast at netbeans dot org.

09:00 - NetBeans Web Client Team Launches a New Blog

21:39 - NetBeans Governance Board #20: Hermien Pellissier and Toni Epple

33:11 - Java EE 6 Workshop Series with Adam Bien

45:31 - Author Interview: PHP Development with M A Hossain Tonu

*Have ideas for NetBeans Podcast topics? Send them to nbpodcast at netbeans dot org.
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