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Polite Plugin for NetBeans IDE!

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Polite Plugin for NetBeans IDE!

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I’m Victor Ramirez, a Java developer from Barranquilla, Colombia and I’ve been studying and working on the NetBeans Platform for a couple of months. I’ve really enjoyed working on, because it’s so easy not only to use, but to reuse (which is very important for any developer).

It only took me a couple of hours (while I was doing my actual job) to develop the plugin I'll show next: Polite NetBeans. As soon as you install and configure Polite NetBeans, it turns NetBeans into a very polite application, it says your name and greets when you login and out.

The greeting varies depending on the time. For example, it will say Good morning, in the morning, and so on.

It’s very easy to configure, just go to Tools -> Options and under Miscellaneous there’s a tab called “Polite NetBeans”. Enter your name and when you want the greeting to show up. The options are: logging in, out, both or none.


You can change this settings at anytime. Also, i18n is enabled. The plugin is available in english, spanish and french.

I hope you download it and have fun with it. I submitted the plugin for verification so I hope it will be available on the Update Center soon, but right now you can get it at the Plugin Portal . The plugin has been verified for NetBeans 6.9, so you can download it directly from the NetBeans Update Center, just click the "Reload Catalog" button inside the update center and choose Polite NetBeans from the "Available Plugins" tab.


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