NetBeans Support for Cake PHP, Symfony, Prado, Zend Framework, Smarty or ... ?

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NetBeans Support for Cake PHP, Symfony, Prado, Zend Framework, Smarty or ... ?

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Recently, I have answered many questions whether NetBeans would support this PHP framework or that one. So, I would like to clarify the situation about the framework support.

As you probably know, the first version of PHP support in NetBeans is going to be released as a part of  NetBeans 6.5. At this moment, there is no official plan to provide support for any framework. It doesn't mean that it is not possible to develop a PHP application based on a framework in NetBeans 6.5. If there is an obstacle to use NetBeans to develop an application based on your favorite framework, then it should be considered a bug and tracked in our bug tracking system -- Issuezilla. On the other hand, NetBeans is open source and there is always a possibility that someone from the community writes a support for NetBeans 6.5 as is currently happening for Prado.

The plan for the next release is not done yet, but we have some basic ideas. We'd like to build support for a couple of frameworks. The actual number is a matter of resources. :) And who can decide, which framework / frameworks will be officially supported in the next version of NetBeans? The answer is simple. It's you, the community. Everyone can vote in Issuezilla for their favorite framework. Here is a list of issues where you can add your vote and comments what you would like to see in the support.

If you'd like to vote, you have to have an Issuezilla account and be logged in. The link for voting is above the Additional comment text area.

If you think I forgot about some framework, write a comment and I may add it. :)

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