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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue 407 - Sep 02, 2009)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue 407 - Sep 02, 2009)

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Project News

NetBeans 6.8 Testers Wanted

image Do you enjoy playing with new software? Do you want to help us find bugs and improve quality? If you are an experienced NetBeans user and have a few spare hours each week from September through November, please join our community volunteers in the NetCAT 6.8 program! Get your "favorite" NetBeans bug fixed and meet new friends!


Developing Mobile Websites with NetBeans and Netbiscuits

A mobile application developed with great expense might still be only displayed optimally on a very limited number of devices — due to the virtually incalculable number of mobile hardware and software platforms. The following article describes the development of a mobile website with the aid of NetBeans and Netbiscuits, a software platform that allows you to develop and deliver mobile websites for virtually all end devices worldwide.

Tech Tip: Packaging Native Libraries in a JAR

Not all Java applications depend on native dynamic libraries (.dll, .so, .jnilib/.dylib files) but for projects that do depend on natives, packaging them is an important usability factor: Your users should not be required to install anything extra in order to run your JAR. This tech tip shows how you can integrate a One-JAR task into your NetBeans project's build script.

How to Hunt Bugs Using VisualVM, BTrace & Good Old Web Search

Dream Team member Emilian Bold shares this detailed story how he discovered and traced a bug using VisualVM, BTrace and good old web search. He gives fellow developers an insight into his tools, his approach, and his reasoning, that let him find the memory leak and submit a patch to the code base. Very educational!


Java EE JUG Events this Autumn

Meet NetBeans Dream Team member Adam Bien at JUG Events in Zurich (Switzerland), Dresden, Hamburg, or Darmstadt (Germany), and pose your heretical questions regarding Java, Java EE, software architecture, patterns or design!

Creating an SVG Menu with Netbeans

You can use the Beatware Mobile Designer to create an SVG menu for a mobile application. Of course, you can then use this SVG menu as a component in a NetBeans mobile project — M. Musundi's blog shows you how.


Free NetBeans Platform Certification Training

Join NetBeans Dream Team member Toni Epple in Goettingen, Germany for a two-day NetBeans Platform Certified Training! It will be held from September 29 to October 1 as part of the Source Talk Tage Conference. There will be a fee for commercial customers, but the training is FREE for students and members of non-profit organisations. At the end of the course, each attendee will get a certificate. Register now!

Free Programming Courses -- With Passion

As you are reading this, over 10,000 fellow developers are taking the free Free Java Programming (with Passion!) online course. And you? Join us again in September when Sang Shin restarts his free Java EE Programming basics and Ajax and Web 2.0 Programming (with Passion!) online classes.

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