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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue 422 - Jan 12, 2010)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue 422 - Jan 12, 2010)

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"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.

Project News

VisualVM 1.2.2 Available for Download

VisualVM 1.2.2 has been released and is available for download. The new version upgrades the underlying framework to the NetBeans Platform 6.8 and delivers several performance improvements and bug fixes.

Grow Your Code with the NetBeans IDE 6.8 and Kenai.com!

image The NetBeans 6.8 IDE comes with improved collaboration integration with Kenai.com, Sun's onramp for the connected developer experience of tomorrow. Learn how to easily host code/projects and engage with distributed teams directly from the NetBeans IDE. Learn more about Kenai.com.



Free Java EE 6 Online Codecamp (Jan. 12-19)

Sign up for Sang Shin's free one-week Java EE 6 online codecamp where participants get to write lots and lots of code and in the process learn about key Java EE 6 technologies. A panel of expert advisors will also be available throughout the week to answer technical questions and provide guidance.

Video: Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3 Deep Dive with Arun Gupta

image Sun Evangelist Arun Gupta highlights some of the new and cool features provided by Java EE 6 technologies. See how the NetBeans IDE allows you to create a simple web application, enable JSF and create Facelets.


Easy Animated Transitions in JavaFX

image The JavaFX SDK offers some useful features that enable developers to create complex animated and transformational effects. Learn how to apply classes from the javafx.animation.transition package to build fade, translate, rotate, scale, and path transitions.

Developing High Transaction Web Apps with Java, MySQL & NetBeans

This blog tutorial uses the NetBeans IDE, Java and MySQL to develop a web application that can handle simultaneous requests from clients and keep them secure from each other.


Five Features That Make NetBeans 6.8 My IDE of Choice

Java champion and Java EE expert Adam Bien lists five reasons why he continues to be a fan of the NetBeans IDE.

Modular Scuba Diving Application on the NetBeans Platform

Rafal Maslana is an avid diver and a NetBeans Platform developer. Read about his open-source dive planning application built on the NetBeans Platform.


Zend Framework Support on Its Way

A cool announcement from the NetBeans PHP team: Early support for the Zend framework is available for testing. Try it out and give the team feedback.

Webstarting a NetBeans Platform Application

You might know that you can deploy a web-startable (JNLP) NetBeans Platform application to a web server, but what if the server doesn't support WAR-files? Developer Florian Brunner found a solution and shared his Ant script and some tips.

"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.


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