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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue 442 - June 09, 2010)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue 442 - June 09, 2010)

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See NetBeans in Action on the Java Road Trip Tour!

Java Road Trip: Code to Coast is a 20-city tour across the United States showcasing Oracle's commitment to everything Java. Come watch Java technologists demonstrate the latest Java software such as the NetBeans IDE! First stop on the tour is New York City on June 14. Visit the tour page for destinations and dates near you.

Project News

Top 5 Enhancements in NetBeans Platform 6.9

Developers of Swing Java desktop applications can look forward to the latest enhancements in the NetBeans Platform 6.9, such as API improvements, more sample projects, and a new NetBeans Platform 6.9 Developer's Guide. Get details from Geertjan's blog entry.

OAuth Support in NetBeans IDE 6.9

OAuth is a security protocol that lets users authorize client applications to access their web resources. NetBeans engineer Milan Kuchtiak demonstrates OAuth support in the NetBeans IDE using a Twitter Client web app tutorial.


Tips for Developing JavaFX TV Applications

The nature of the television platform affects the way you design effective user interfaces to run on it. This article describes some of the ways in which the television platform differs from the desktop platform and provides tips and guidelines for designing effective television applications.

NetBeans Code Coverage Plugin Tutorial

The NetBeans Code Coverage Plugin provides an interactive way to see testing coverage results within the NetBeans IDE. This enables developers to quickly identify the portions of Java code that aren't covered by their unit tests.

Applying @Alternative Beans and Lifecycle Annotations

This tutorial demonstrates how to take advantage of the @Alternative annotation to configure applications for different deployments, and also shows how to use managed bean lifecycle annotations.


JavaFX Composer to Support Grid Container

JavaFX 1.3 brings the new Grid container which simplifies the organization of controls in form-like layouts. This blog provides an overview of how to make the most of this new container in the NetBeans JavaFX Composer.

Getting Started With Creating Workflow Editors

This tutorial shows how to get started with creating a workflow editor application with the NetBeans Platform. The finished app will show a scene where you can create new nodes and drag nodes to connect them.


Swedish Defense Research on the NetBeans Platform

When the Swedish Defense Research Agency needed to create a Scenario Tool application they chose the NetBeans Platform. This two-part article documents their experience.

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