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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 446 - Jul 20, 2010 )

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Project News

Oracle TechCast Video: NetBeans IDE 6.9 - JavaFX Composer & OSGi

image NetBeans engineering managers John Jullion-Ceccarelli and Martin Ryzl offer a tour of new features in NetBeans IDE 6.9, including a demo of the new JavaFX Composer.


Oracle Support Offering for NetBeans Now Available

When faced with a complex, time-sensitive or expensive technical problem, why not turn to the experts for solutions? Technical support for NetBeans software is now available as part of the Oracle Development Tools Support Offering. Benefits include: 24/7 Service Assistance, Unlimited Incident Support, and more. Get more details about how to tap into the full power of Oracle's Development Tools Support. Learn about all support resources available for the NetBeans Community.

NetBeans 6.9 Scala Plugin on 2.8.0Final

NetBeans 6.9 Scala plugin is now available courtesy of Scala developer and NetBeans Dream Team member Caoyuan Deng. Read on for download details and the install guide.


New Screencasts: Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 in NetBeans IDE 6.9

GlassFish evangelist Arun Gupta's 5-part screencast shows how NetBeans IDE 6.9 provides comprehensive tooling for Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3.

JavaFX Composer Twitter Tutorial

image JavaFX applications can get and display data from a RESTful Web Service or other remote data source. This tutorial creates a simple Twitter app using JavaFX Composer Data Sources support. You will learn how to GET and POST data from/to an HTTP service.

OSGi Declarative Services Using Maven in the NetBeans IDE

See how integrated support for the OSGi framework in NetBeans IDE 6.9 simplifies the process of creating OSGi bundles and using the bundles in your projects. In this tutorial, you will create a simple OSGi bundle from the Maven OSGI bundle archetype and then deploy the bundle to the Felix OSGi container that is included with the IDE.

NetBeans Platform EMF Integration Tutorial

This tutorial shows users how to incorporate an EMF model into a NetBeans Platform application.


Spotting the MVC Pattern in the NetBeans Platform

This blog entry outlines how to relate some NetBeans Platform key terms, concepts and APIs to the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern.

Installing Java Card on Windows

Detailed steps from developer Lavamunky about downloading JavaCard to work in the Windows environment.

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