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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 448 - Aug 03, 2010 )

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 448 - Aug 03, 2010 )

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Project News

VisualVM 1.3 Available for Download

VisualVM 1.3 introduces many new features, such as:

  • Sampler in the core tool, customizable Sampler and Profiler presets
  • Taking remote heap dumps
  • Monitoring remote hosts via a JMX-enabled application
  • Using the latest NetBeans Platform and Profiler 6.9


Win a Full Conference Pass to Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne or Oracle Develop!

Put together a short video to convince your peers why you should get a FREE conference pass to Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, or Oracle Develop. Is it because of the great Java, SOA, Oracle Database, or Oracle Solaris sessions? Or are you a diehard OTN Night partygoer? Grab a video cam and make your case!


Video: Editing Java Code in NetBeans IDE 6.9

This demonstration walks you through creating a simple Java application in the Java Editor of NetBeans IDE 6.9. You will see how to use editor productivity features, such as code completion, code templates, and error hints, and learn how to effectively use the capabilities of the IDE's Java editor.

JavaFX Composer Fragments Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use NetBeans IDE's JavaFX Composer to create a client for a RESTful web service. The client includes POST and GET methods.

Working with NetBeans Module Suites Using Maven

This document outlines how to create a NetBeans Platform Module Suite from Maven archetypes and build and install the suite in your installation of the NetBeans IDE.

Video: Java on Rails in NetBeans IDE

Jaroslav Tulach introduces a new annotation that lets you work with databases in Java in a Rails-like manner. He accompanies his presentation with a demo in NetBeans IDE.


Install Java, Ruby 1.8, JRuby 1.5.1, NetBeans 6.9 on Ubuntu

Developer Richard Conroy gives a detailed account of installing a Ruby/JRuby development environment on his Ubuntu OS.

NetBeans Platform: My Sweet, 48 Hour Love Affair

The blog title says it all: A casual online search for "Swing OSGi" leads a long-time Eclipse user to the NetBeans Platform and inspires a "love post" about his new framework.

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