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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 453 - Sep 13, 2010)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 453 - Sep 13, 2010)

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Video: Creating an Animated NetBeans Logo Application in JavaFX Composer

Learn to quickly create a small demo with animated graphics using the NetBeans JavaFX Composer. With the JavaFX Production Suite, you can prepare graphic files for use in JavaFX applications.

NetBeans E-commerce Tutorial - Securing the Application

This tutorial unit from the popular NetBeans E-commerce series demonstrates how to set up a login form using declarative security with form-based authentication, and configure SSL support between a web application and the GlassFish server.

Tech Tip: Setting Line Wrap in NetBeans 6.10

Line Wrap is a new feature in NetBeans IDE 6.10 Milestone 1. Harry Goldstone explains how to set it up.

NetBeans Platforms in London - No Slides, Just Code!

Join NetBeans Platform experts Jaroslav Tulach, Toni Epple, and Geertjan Wielenga in London on October 14 for a free evening of code. All questions about the NetBeans Platform will be answered with code! The session will be held at Skills Matter Exchange.


Duke's Choice Award for Gephi, a NetBeans Platform App

Gephi, an open source network visualization tool built on the NetBeans Platform, will receive a "Duke's Choice Award" at JavaOne. That's the equivalent of getting an Oscar in the Java world! Congratulations to the Gephi team.

Java Survey in Oracle Magazine

Oracle Magazine is currently running a survey to find out what Java technologies and tools to feature in its pages. Take a minute to give your feedback.


Cycling Competition Timing Application

Jonathan Gillham explains how and why he used the NetBeans Platform as the basis of a competition timing application. He includes some cool screenshots!

Display Part of a Tree with Outline

Tim Boudreau's Outline component has been extended by Viacheslav Rudyuk, so that a single path rather than a whole tree is shown.

NetBeans Platform Book Review

A brand new book review of the new "NetBeans Platform 6.9 Developer's Guide".

Kuwaiba: Open Source Inventory on the NetBeans Platform

Find out about the latest release of Kuwaiba, an open source inventory system built on the NetBeans Platform.

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