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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 456 - Oct 4, 2010)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 456 - Oct 4, 2010)

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JavaOne 2010 Latin America Call-for-Papers

Fancy a trip to Brasil? The call-for-papers for JavaOne Latin America 2010 is now open! Share your tips and tricks for using Java technology, leveraging the Java programming language, and extending the Java platform. But hurry--the deadline to submit proposals is Friday, October 8th!

New NetBeans Poll: When Life Needs "Code Completion"

Take the latest NetBeans Community Poll and tell us for which real-world scenario you would most appreciate "code completion"!


Jaroslav Tulach & Toni Epple in London - October 14

In this free SkillsMatter event, Jaroslav Tulach, Toni Epple, and Geertjan Wielenga will introduce you to the NetBeans Platform. (Thursday, October 14, at 18:30)

Using the NetBeans Debugger Architecture

When creating a custom editor, providing a custom debugger can be a very powerful feature. Andreas Stefik explains how to get started.

Using JavaFX Graphic Resources in JavaFX Composer

This tutorial shows how to use NetBeans IDE's JavaFX Composer to handle JavaFX Format graphics in a JavaFX application and animate it.

Getting the Most from Maven in NetBeans IDE

James Selvakumar explains in detail all the features that NetBeans IDE provides for Maven developers.


Monitoring Finances on the NetBeans Platform

In the financial world, it is quite common to have desktop consoles for managing stocks and shares and for analyzing current trading results. Mark Phipps introduces you to an application of this kind on the NetBeans Platform.


Setting up a JRuby on Rails 3 + NetBeans Dev Environment

Set up a development environment in the NetBeans IDE for JRuby projects with this outline from Manish Chakravarty.

San Francisco NetBeans Platform Training

A group of students from enterprises in the US attended a NetBeans Platform training in San Francisco. Read this blog entry to find out all about this event!

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