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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 460 - Nov 1, 2010)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 460 - Nov 1, 2010)

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Project News

Community Feedback: Git Support in NetBeans IDE

Are you interested in Git support in the NetBeans IDE? The NetBeans PHP and Git support teams want your use cases and feedback. Learn more about Git support in NetBeans here, and email the teams at: git at versioncontrol dot netbeans dot org.

Plugin: Space Invaders

Haven't you always wanted to play space invaders in NetBeans IDE? Thanks to Allan Gregersen from Denmark, now you can!


How to Write Type-safe JPA 2 Criteria Queries

Arun Gupta discusses automatic generation of JPA 2 Metamodel classes from Entity classes and use them as the basis of JPA 2 criteria queries.

How to Integrate a Native Browser

Step by step instructions for adding an SWT browser to your NetBeans Platform application.

NetBeans Platform: No Slides, Just Code

Toni Epple introduces you to the NetBeans Platform, without any slides, prefaced by Jaroslav Tulach talking about the history of NetBeans.


Music Player on the NetBeans Platform

Carlos Hoces introduces you to an open source desktop application for managing and playing music.

Danish Intelligent Homes on the NetBeans Platform

Allan Gregersen tells you about an application for controlling the every day usages of energy consuming devices, aiming to bring down overall household energy consumption.


NetBeans Platform Book Review

"The book was really well written, the language is really accessible and easy to understand, and the examples cover satisfactory the book target." Read more here.

Tech Tip: Seamless Terminal Integration in NetBeans 6.9.1

Adam Bien shares a tip on how to open and work with multiple terminals in the NetBeans IDE.

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