NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 465 - Dec 06, 2010)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 465 - Dec 06, 2010)

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NetBeans Podcat Returns! Listen to Episode 53

A packed podcast about the NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta release featuring chats with members of the NetBeans engineering team and JavaEE expert Adam Bien.

NetBeans Team is Hiring!

Come join the NetBeans team in Prague and help shape the direction of Java and dynamic languages! We currently have open positions for engineers and QE testers.


Microchip Builds on the NetBeans Platform

Read about a new IDE for embedded software, created by Microchip, atop the NetBeans Platform.

Vocabulary Learning on the NetBeans Platform

Spanish? French? Dutch? Master the vocabulary of a new language with MemorizEasy, a software program developed by Gabriele Kahlout on the NetBeans Platform.

Blind Usability with NetBeans IDE at World Usability Day

Andreas Stefik, a computer science professor and NetBeans user, talks about his projects around usability for visually impaired developers, as well as his team's participation in World Usability Day 2010.


India and Togo: Simultaneous NetBeans Platform Training

Recently, two groups of students, one in Togo and the other in India, were introduced to the NetBeans Platform... via an online training!

Student Report on On-Line NetBeans Platform Training

Several students who attended the online training wrote reports in their blogs about what they learned; here is one of them, by a student in India.


How to Run a JavaServer Faces 2.0 Web Application on Oracle WebLogic Server

This tutorial demonstrates how the NetBeans IDE can generate robust and easily maintainable code when generating JSF pages from entity classes.

How to Integrate a Slowness Detector

You might have seen the slowness detector at work during development builds of NetBeans IDE. Read Florian Vogler's blog to find out how to use it in your own application.

How to Create Nodes with Dynamic Value Icons

A step-by-step tutorial from South Africa for those using the NetBeans Nodes API in their software.


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