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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 470 - Jan 17, 2011)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 470 - Jan 17, 2011)

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Technical Interview: NetBeans & E-Commerce Applications

Want to create an e-commerce web application? If you haven't heard about the extensive NetBeans e-commerce tutorial yet, now's the time to find out about it via an interview with its author, Troy Giunipero

Plugin: RefactoringNG

Read all about a recent plugin that will help you refactor code in NetBeans IDE, via a dedicated language and samples on the related site.


How to Create a Commercial IDE

NetBeans IDE is a very extensive and performant development environment, some developers need similar IDEs for their commercial projects. Find out how to create such an IDE via this brief article!

Instant JChem: 5 Years Old!

Instant JChem is an IDE for chemists and biologists created atop the NetBeans IDE. Find out about its latest release (including Groovy integration) and news about its 5th anniversary.


26 - 28 January: Free NetBeans Platform Training in Denmark

Are you in Denmark? Read about this great opportunity of attending a free NetBeans Platform training.

20 January: Free Java EE 6 Webinar

Join Oracle evangelist Arun Gupta for a code intensive webinar that demonstrates ease of development with Java EE 6, GlassFish and NetBeans.

27 January: Free Java EE 6 in Munich

Adam Bien is holding a free Java EE 6 hacking session in Munich.

8 - 11 February: NetBeans Platform Training in Cape Town

Toni Epple is holding an advanced NetBeans Platform training in Cape Town, run by Jumping Bean, the South African open source training consultancy.


Loosely Coupled Growl Support

Want to receive Growl messages from NetBeans on the Mac? Ralph Benjamin Ruijs describes how to set everything up.

java.awt.Color and Properties window

Using java.awt.Color for the properties in your application? If the application is on the NetBeans Platform, you will be able to reuse a color editor, without any coding.

Graphical Query Builder

Creating an application and need a query builder? See a screenshot of the query builder that is part of the open source Kuwaiba project.


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