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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 474 - Feb 15, 2011)

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Learn more about how the Java language, tools and frameworks have been the foundation of countless enterprise systems, brought to you in partnership with Salesforce.

Project News

NetBeans Plugin: Babel-17

Babel-17 is a new multi-paradigm programming language. Its creator is targeting NetBeans IDE to provide tools for using the language. Get it here!

Network Settings API

Jiri Rechtacek presents a new NetBeans Platform API, for establishing network connections.


NetBeans Goes Offshore

On ships and rigs in Norway, the NetBeans Platform is used to verify and test computer systems used in drilling operations.

From Dependency Injection to Modularity

Jaroslav Tulach helps you migrate your understanding of dependency injection to the concepts relating to modularity.


Video Tutorial: NetBeans IDE Code Completion

Don't know how to complete your code statement? Toni Epple shows you have to use the IDE's code completion feature.

Light Weight Java Game Library

Find out about Light Weight Java Game Library (LWJGL) and how to use it on the NetBeans Platform.


JavaFX: New & Improved

JavaFX will be available as a Java library, as illustrated via a blog entry by Adam Bien.

Setting up NetBeans IDE for Android Development

You're a few clicks away from creating interesting applications for Android...

BlueTooth and NetBeans RCP

BlueCove is a BlueTooth integration library. Via this blog entry, you learn how to use it on the NetBeans Platform.


Togo Students Learn About Java EE 6

Oracle evangelist Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine reports on a Java EE 6 tutorial session given to students in Togo recently.

Biltong, Braai, and the NetBeans Platform!

NetBeans Platform consultant Toni Epple reports about the training course he delivered at a seismology company in Stellenbosch, South Africa!

Discover how the Force.com Web Services Connector (WSC) is a code-generation tool and runtime library for use with Force.com Web services, brought to you in partnership with Salesforce.


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