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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 488 - May 24, 2011)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue # 488 - May 24, 2011)

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Project News

Highlighting of Alternate PHP Syntax

The NetBeans PHP Team blog brings news continually about the latest enhancements in the NetBeans PHP world, this time on new syntax support.

Plugin: TestNG

Interested in TestNG as an alternative to JUnit? Take the NetBeans TestNG plugin for a spin and provide feedback on the plugin's page!


Central Location for External NetBeans Plugin Sources

Are you working on open source plugins for NetBeans IDE or other NetBeans applications? Put your source code on http://java.net/projects/netbeans, where many other NetBeans plugin sources are also found, a one stop shop for all NetBeans plugin sources.

Contribute Wicket Samples to the NetBeans Plugin

The open sourced NetBeans Wicket plugin has been set up to make it very easy to contribute new Wicket samples. Have some best practices or cool tricks to show? Share them with others by adding them to the plugin!

JUG Milano: Data, Context, and Interaction

Dream Team member Fabrizio Giudici presents the slides he used to introduce DCI to the JUG in Milan, Italy.


Apache Wicket Interfaces To Master – An Introduction

Jeff Schwartz's blog has an ongoing series about Wicket, via the NetBeans Wicket plugin!

Debugging PHPUnit Tests in NetBeans with XDebug

"This is how I configured my NetBeans IDE and my PHPUnit tests to communicate and let me debug," explains Raphael Dohms.


Kirk Pepperdine & NetBeans Day in Munich, Germany (June 14-18)

Eppleton, the Munich-based training company run by NetBeans DreamTeam member Toni Epple, in association with the Xing NetBeans User Group, will be hosting a week of NetBeans events.


Quickly Prettify a NetBeans Application

A brand new tutorial explaining step by step how to set up and configure the Flamingo ribbon bar on NetBeans, including a movie!

Video: Using JLayer in Swing Applications

JLayer, new in Java SE 7, is a decorator for Swing components. In this video, Jonathan Knudsen describes the feature and shows how to start using it in Swing applications.

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