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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #490 - Jun 06, 2011)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #490 - Jun 06, 2011)

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Project News

NetBeans Governance Board Goals

The NetBeans governance board has defined a mission statement and goals for its term. Take a look at the plans of the board, consisting of Tom Wheeler, Sven Reimers, and John Jullion Ceccarelli.

Plugin: jVi for NetBeans 7.0

Masaki Katakai introduces you to the 7.0 version of the jVi plugin, showing you where to find it and how to get started with it!


Released: Instant JChem 5.5.0

Instant JChem is a desktop chemistry toolkit based on the NetBeans Platform. The 5.5.0 version has just been released!

Released: eZNetbeans

Use EZ Publish template syntax and develop using TPL files... using the freshly released eZNetbeans plugin!

Eclipse vs NetBeans for PHP Development

"I prefer NetBeans because it gets things done, everything just works without configuration and additional setup, so I can focus on coding rather then dealing with IDE." Read more in this detailed comparison of PHP tools in NetBeans and Eclipse.

Eclipse the Hydra and NetBeans the Minotaur

Read this new article comparing Eclipse to NetBeans. What are the real differences between these projects? And when should you choose one over the other when creating Java desktop applications? Certainly this article is the start of a lengthy discussion.


June 18: NetBeans Day

The agenda for NetBeans Day in Munich, Germany, is now finalized. Speakers from the NetBeans team in Prague will be present, as well as internationally known experts such as Kirk Pepperdine and Adam Bien! A free event. Be there.

June 22: Jazoon

Anton Epple will present "The Hitchhiker's Guide to NetBeans RCP" at Jazoon in Zurich, introducing you to the cool & interesting features you can benefit from when building applications on the NetBeans Platform... and when building plugins to enrich NetBeans IDE!


Glasgow, Scotland

Senior students at the University of Glasgow have been introduced to the NetBeans Platform and are preparing to port some of their projects to the world's only modular Swing application framework.

Ostrava, Czech Republic

The Ostrava JUG recently benefited from a paradoxical presentation by NetBeans API architect Jaroslav Tulach!

Ouagadougo, Burkina Faso

A group that recently organized a NetBeans training course is now taking the next step... they have formed a JUG!

Sheffield, England

A report on a community-based NetBeans training recently held in Sheffield, England, with participation from various NetBeans developers around the UK.

Stockholm, Sweden

A report on NetBeans training courses held for a variety of companies, from defence to financial to accounting, in Sweden.

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