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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #496 - Jul 18, 2011)

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Project News

News from the Governance Board

Tom, Sven, and John, the currently elected members of the NetBeans Governance Board, recently met and have posted the minutes of their meeting.

NetBeans Poll: How Do You Solve IDE Problems?

Send a patch? Fix an issue? Throw your hands up in despair? The current NetBeans community poll asks how you respond to problems with NetBeans IDE. Please take a moment and take part in this poll!

Plugin: PHP Smarty Templates

Syntax coloring and code completion for SMARTY commands are just two of the cool features provided by this new plugin for PHP developers. Have you tried it yet?


Swedish Tips for NetBeans IDE Users

From code templates to shortcuts, Nicklas Löf, a very experienced NetBeans user from Stockholm, Sweden, presents a very long list of tips & tricks for making you even more productive.

NATO's Air Defense on NetBeans

NATO's command & control software is being updated to run on the NetBeans RCP, for deployment to 20 NATO countries. Read an article written by its lead developer and see some interesting NetBeans screenshots!

Handy Overview of Java 7 Features

Loiane Groner provides a very nice write up on the new Java 7 features, together with how to get started with NetBeans IDE 7.0 and JDK 7.

Synthetica Look and Feel

Want to try NetBeans IDE with a different look and feel? A new version of Wolfgang Zitzelsberger's Synthetica code has been released, including a NetBeans plugin. Take it for a spin?


NetBeans Day Munich 2011

Kirk Pepperdine, Jaroslav Tulach, Adam Bien, Petr Jiricka, and several other high profile speakers were at the recent NetBeans Day in Munich, Germany. Read about what happened here! And don't you want to host a NetBeans Day too?

New NetBeans Serbian Project Community

Out of many NetBeans RCP training courses that have taken place in Belgrade, Serbia, a project team has been formed to focus on NetBeans projects such as Neuroph and NetBeans UML tools.

New NetBeans Platform Training Newsletter

Periodically, students who have attended a NetBeans Platform training are sent a newsletter on the latest developments around student-related projects on the NetBeans Platform. The latest edition came out last week, take a look at what's going on around NetBeans Platform training courses.

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