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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #499 - Aug 09, 2011)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #499 - Aug 09, 2011)

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How Satisfied Are You With NetBeans 7?

With each NetBeans release, we strive to deliver an IDE that gives you the best coding experience available. Your survey responses will let us know if we are on target, and also alert us to features or enhancements to consider for future releases. Please take a moment to answer the questions in the survey! It should only take about 3-5 minutes to complete.

Plugin: JFormDesigner

JFormDesigner is a professional GUI designer for Java Swing user interfaces. It has outstanding support for JGoodies FormLayout, GroupLayout, TableLayout. and GridBagLayout, making it easy to create professional looking forms.


Governance Board: Discussion About Community Contributions to NetBeans

Governance board member Tom Wheeler kicks off a discussion on what it will take for more code contributions to be made to the NetBeans project: "If you have contributed to NetBeans, what motivated you to do so? If you haven't, what stopped you? If you're active in other open source projects, what specific things could we learn from them?" Join the discussion!

Dream Team: Book Review of "Java: The Good Parts"

"The unnamed package is a form of namespace limbo where code written by confused, obstinate, or lazy programmers is placed until they evolve to a higher life form." NetBeans Dream Team member John Yeary has written a very interesting review with some great quotations from an in depth book about Java. Read it here!


AgroSense Farm Manager

From the northern parts of the Netherlands comes yet another release of AgroSense, the modular farm management system. You too can join this open source project!

New Editor History Tab

All NetBeans editors will have their own editor tabs in the next release of NetBeans IDE. Read all about the related ideas & plans here.


August 2011: Goettingen

At the end of August, you're invited to attend a NetBeans training as part of Source Talk Tage in Goettingen, Germany.

September 2011: Munich

Eppleton provides yet another one of its popular NetBeans training courses in Munich during September.

October 2011: San Francisco

Marakana & Eppleton are teaming up to provide a great NetBeans Platform training course right after JavaOne. Last year it was great -- this year it will be even better!


Karel Language Programming on NetBeans

If ANTLR and JavaCC are your bread and butter, it's time to discover how NetBeans integrates with these meta programming languages. Karel, a fairly simple language, is a good place to start!


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