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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #505 - Sept 19, 2011)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #505 - Sept 19, 2011)

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Project News

NetBeans Governance Board Term 19 - Nominations Open!

It's time to elect new members for the 19th term of the NetBeans Governance Board. Participate in the process by nominating NetBeans community members that you think should be considered for the Board. You can even nominate yourself!

The deadline for nominations is Friday, September 29, at midnight in the last time zone.

NetBeans Plugin: XPathUtil

This module by Michael Bien enables quick browsing through large XML documents.


NetBeans Poll: What's Your Open Source Cred?

How many open source projects do you contribute to? See how you stack up to other open source fans in the latest NetBeans community poll.

New Plugin: NetBeans Adobe/Java Converter

Gerrit Grunwald from the Munster JUG has created an FXG converter for multiple language bindings, e.g., Java, JavaFX, and Android. Geertjan has created a NetBeans plugin for this converter and needs your comments & feedback!


The Full NetBeans Lineup at JavaOne 2011 (Oct 3 - 6)

Attending JavaOne this year? Be sure to arrange your conference calendar to check out the plethora of technical sessions, BOFs and Hands-on labs that will feature the NetBeans IDE. And if you need a recap of a session visit NetBeans.org for select downloads of slides and lab notes during the week of the conference.


Scala and Maven - Getting Started Guide

Oracle GlassFish evangelist Arun Gupta offers a quick guide to building and running Scala applications using Maven.

Connection Pooling in a Java Web App with GlassFish and NetBeans IDE

In this tutorial, the user creates a connection pool to a MySQL database in GlassFish, and then creates a simple web application that makes use of the connection pool.


Smarty Support in Standard NetBeans IDE Distro

Good news for Smarty users. Support for the template engine will become a standard part of the NetBeans 7.1 build. Learn more from the NetBeans PHP team blog.

Tech Tip: Code Completion for Constructors, Getters/Setters, and Overrides

A time-saving code completion tip for constructors, getters and setters, and overrides.

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