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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #511 - Oct 31, 2011)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #511 - Oct 31, 2011)

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Mac OS X JavaFX 2.0 Preview and Tutorial

A preview version of JavaFX 2.0 is available for Mac OS X. Download the preview and check out the JavaFX 2.0 quick-start guide.

Plugin: JRebel NetBeans Plugin

Recently updated, the JRebel NetBeans plugin allows users to continue using the debugging features of the NetBeans IDE to debug JVM applications that use JRebel.


Concentrating on Task in Hand (Similar to Mylyn) in NetBeans IDE

This tutorial covers how to implement task-focused development--similar to Mylyn functionality--using NetBeans IDE with the NBTaskFocus project.

Building a Simple AtomPub Client with NetBeans, Maven, Java & Apache Abdera

A two-part tutorial on creating an AtomPub client using NetBeans IDE 7, Maven and Apache Abdera. The first tutorial outlines the steps for building a simple AtomPub server.

Windows Web Development With AMPPS, NetBeans and XDebug

Learn to set up a Windows web development environment with AMPPS, NetBeans IDE, and XDebug.


NetBeans User Group Serbia Launches Java & Student Outreach

In their latest report, NetBeans User Group Serbia teams up with local IT businesses to educate students and build up the Java and NetBeans community in Serbia.


New Old Hints in NetBeans PHP Support

The NetBeans PHP team provides an update on new implementation and improvements to some well-known features.

Dr. Dobbs: Java 7 Preview for Mac OS X

A quick-start guide to running Java SE 7 Beta for Mac OS X, while preserving an existing Java SE 6 installation.

Debugging CakePHP in NetBeans with MAMP

An easy guide to setting up remote PHP debugging in NetBeans IDE with MAMP and CakePHP.


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