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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #518 - Dec 19, 2011)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #518 - Dec 19, 2011)

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End of Year Message 2011

It's been a very active year in the NetBeans world. New releases, features, conferences, and more. To wrap everything up, here's an end of the year greeting from the NetBeans Team.

JavaOne Latin America: Videos and Podcasts

JavaOne Latin America was held two weeks ago. What happened there? Here are videos and podcasts that were recorded there, giving you the feeling of being there yourself!

Plugin: Cubeon Released

Anuradha announces a new release of Cubeon, the NetBeans task management plugin, including updated task context support and new automatic features for you to try out!


NetBeans RCP: Displaying Java’s Memory Pool Statistics

Java Champion Kirk Pepperdine walks through a complete example of how to extend VisualVM to display Java’s memory pool statistics.

NetBeans RCP: Maltego CaseFile

Intelligence gathering analysts, this is for you! Maltego CaseFile for dataming and analyzing human data, read this article for more info, as well as a video that puts it all in context.

New: org.netbeans.api.actions.Savable

A new NetBeans API class, org.netbeans.api.actions.Savable, is introduced in this article. If you're using SaveCookie, this article was written for you!


New Project: JavaFX RCP

Sven Reimers has started a new project to create an application framework for JavaFX applications, reusing the core features of the NetBeans Platform. Join the project because your help is needed.

New Project: AVR Microcontroller Development

Want to develop with AVR microcontrollers in NetBeans IDE? Ingmar Hendriks has launched a new project to let you do exactly that. Join the project because your help is needed.


Video Tutorial: RichFaces and NetBeans IDE

Watch as NetBeans Dream Team member John Yeary shows you how to use RichFaces 4.1.0 with NetBeans IDE 7.1.

Spring to Java EE Migration Using NetBeans IDE

CTO and ardent Java EE fan David Heffelfinger demonstrates how easy it is to develop the data layer of an application using Java EE, JPA, and the NetBeans IDE instead of the Spring Framework.

Creating a Simple Activity Stream with Apache Abdera2, Java, NetBeans 7, Maven

Chad Lung continues his series of articles that combine multiple different technologies together with Maven and NetBeans IDE.


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