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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #524 - Feb 13, 2012)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #524 - Feb 13, 2012)

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NetBeans Podcast 59: John Yeary; Project Scanning in NetBeans

In this episode, meet John Yeary, JavaEE evangelist, blogger, JUG leader, and one of four new members to the NetBeans Dream Team. Find out what's new in Project Scanning, and how Bode Miller relates to better API design.

Project News

NetBeans for PHP: Continuous Integration Support

Another new feature added to PHP support for the next NetBeans release: Continuous Integration. Get details on how to configure the IDE to try out this upcoming NetBeans 7.2 feature.

Formatting & Highlighting Javadoc Comments in NetBeans IDE

Javadoc formatting and highlighting for Javadoc comments in NetBeans 7.1 is much improved. Check out the new set of options.

Griffon in NetBeans IDE 7.1

Griffon is a light-weight desktop application framework written in and for Groovy. Think "Grails for the desktop". The Griffon plugin for NetBeans IDE provides project templates and code generators to help you get started, so that you can avoid all the command line prompts provided by Griffon.


Building Applications in JavaFX 2.0

In a series of innovative blog postings, Java Architect Daniel Zwolenski explores ways to build applications in JavaFX 2.0 -- from Spring to controller injection to client servers.

Using the PDF to JavaFX Plugin for NetBeans

A two-part tutorial that covers how to use JPedal's PDF to JavaFX plugin for NetBeans IDE.

Focus on JavaFX 2 FXML with NetBeans 7.1

Learn how to use JavaFX 2.0 support in NetBeans 7.1 to build an application that uses FXML.


How to Train Smarter & More Efficiently....Thanks to NetBeans

Check out Geertjan's recent collection of YouTube videos from companies/developers that use the NetBeans Platform to build their products. More videos:
How to Rapidly Understand Scientific Literature
How to Plan Surgery
How to Enable Kids to Learn Things

Java EE 6 Samples Galore!

There are many ways to download Java EE 6 code samples. Check out tips and links from Oracle Java EE evangelists Alexis and Arun.

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