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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #533 - Apr 17, 2012)

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Project News

New PHP Hints for NetBeans IDE 7.2

Two new and experimental hints: Unused Use Statement and Immutable Variables are available in PHP support in NetBeans IDE 7.2 development. Test the new hints and leave feedback for the NetBeans team.

Coding Volunteers Wanted for Eidos UML Project

The Eidos-NetBeans UML project urgently needs volunteers. If you miss UML support in NetBeans IDE and have some time/experience, find out what is needed and how you can contribute to keep the development work going.

FXExperience Tools GradientEditor Plugin

Toni Epple blogs about using the NetBeans Lookup library to write extensions for the FXExperience Tools Application.


NetBeans Podcast 60: Groovy Returns

Get the scoop on new development work in Groovy support. Find out why NetBeans is the preferred IDE for the technical publishing house Murach & Associates. And how did Jarda Tulach and the Netbinox project fare at OSGiCon? Tune in for all this and catch up on other NetBeans news.


Creating RESTful Web Services in NetBeans 7

image NetBeans 7.1 supports the rapid development of RESTful Web Services using JSR-311 (Java API for RESTful Web Services – JAX-RS) and Jersey, the reference implementation for JAX-RS. The IDE supports building and testing services, as well as creating client applications that access these services. In this tutorial, you will create a database connection, create RESTful Web Services, and test RESTful Web Services. (No login required.)

Video: Unlock the Java EE 6 Platform Using NetBeans 7.1

Watch how the NetBeans IDE provides tools and features to developers to build end-to-end Web applications using Java EE 6 technologies including JPA2, JSF2, CDI, EJB 3.1, JAX-RS 1.1, and Servlets 3.

Hierarchical Web Service Development with NetBeans IDE

Based on the popular NetBeans E-Commerce tutorial series, this tutorial builds a client application which has a Web Service of its own which uses the Web Services published by the retail application.

Tech Tip: Toolbar Buttons with Label

A quick tip on how to display labels for toolbar actions in the NetBeans IDE.

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