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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #537 - May 16, 2012)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #537 - May 16, 2012)

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Project News

Summer Internship for NetBeans Development

A summer internship for NetBeans projects is being set up by NetBeans Dream Team member Emilian Bold's company. Read all about it here and gain some NetBeans API experience this summer!

Plugin: Gmail Notifier

Install this plugin and you'll receive notifications whenever new e-mails arrive in your inbox!


JavaFX Scene Builder - Getting Started Series

image This getting started series introduces the JavaFX Scene Builder in tutorial and demo format. As explained in the article, you can download the JavaFX Scene Builder from oracle.com/javafx.


CRUD Operations for RESTful Web Services

image This article is the second part of "Creating RESTful Web Services in NetBeans 7". It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.



Tip: Code Template for Kohana PHP Framework

The "My Beloved PHP" Blog reports on a handy NetBeans tip, especially for developers using the Kohana framework.

Tip: Port Swing Charts to JavaFX Charts

JavaFX charts are dynamic and animated... and it is surprisingly easy to change your Swing charts to JavaFX charts, as outlined in this blog entry.


YouTube: EJBs Greatly Simplified!

Watch as Java Rock Star, and NetBeans Dream Team Member, Adam Bien shows you the highlights of the EJB 3 spec in action!

YouTube: Mass Format in NetBeans IDE 7.2

You'll be able to format groups of projects, packages, and more, in NetBeans IDE 7.2, as demonstrated in this YouTube clip!

YouTube: FindBugs Integration in NetBeans IDE 7.2

Take a sneak peak at a great new feature in the upcoming NetBeans IDE 7.2: direct integration of FindBugs into the IDE.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012: Free Online Workshop

"Modern Java Development, in and outside the Enterprise" is an Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Developer Day, a FREE workshop of hands on labs and sessions. You'll get a sneak peak at how Java EE 7 is enabling the cloud, plus many additional features in and around the Java platform.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012: Extending VisualVM

In Munich, Germany, learn how to extend VisualVM the free troubleshooting tool built on the NetBeans Platform. However, already no more seats are available, but drop the organizers an e-mail to set up another event on this topic soon!

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