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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #539 - May 28, 2012)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #539 - May 28, 2012)

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Project News

NetBeans IDE 7.2 Beta: Built for Speed!

image The Beta release of NetBeans IDE 7.2 is available! Featuring massive performance boosts and new Java editor features, including FindBugs integration, you can download it and try it out today!


NetBeans IDE 7.2 Beta: Comments from an Eclipse User

Bruce Phillips has been using Eclipse for over 5 years. He used NetBeans IDE 7.2 Beta on a large project last week... with great results! He liked the performance, FindBugs integration, and more. Read all about it here.

Plugin: Codename One

Develop true native mobile applications in Java for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry etc.


Running Web Applications on the Oracle Cloud

What's the Oracle Cloud and how does it relate to NetBeans IDE 7.2? A new NetBeans article explains it all, including how to register the Oracle Cloud and deploy applications to it.

The Most Frequently Asked Java EE 6/NetBeans Question

Did you know that when you use NetBeans IDE, you can regenerate your JPA entity classes from tables in a database, without destroying the changes you made to the JPA entity classes you initially generated? This article discusses this very commonly asked question!

Best Practices for JavaFX 2.0 Enterprise Applications

In part 1 of a series, JavaFX expert James Weaver examines a Tweet browser while illustrating some best practices for enterprise application development in JavaFX 2.0.

Vaadin, Maven, and NetBeans IDE

Petter Holmström from the Vaadin team describes a great combination of tools and technologies: Vaadin, Maven, and NetBeans IDE. Read on to find out why these three work so well together!


Print Java Source as HTML

"File | Print to HTML" is a frequently overlooked menu item in NetBeans IDE. NetBeans Dream Team member Adam Bien explains in his blog that NetBeans is able to output Java source code as HTML, very easily indeed.

JavaFX Scene Builder Docs Updated

The "Java Tutorials Weblog" is a great resource providing up to date info on the world of official Java tutorials. In this blog entry, you learn what parts of the JavaFX Scene Builder 1.0 Developer Release documentation have been updated with the promotion of development build 38.

Alt-Shift-F & Formatting Multiple Source Files

In NetBeans IDE 7.2 Beta, you can format multiple source files across multiple projects simultaneously. In this blog entry, you learn about an enhancement to this feature, set to be released with the final release of NetBeans IDE 7.2.


29 - 30 May: Croatian Oracle User Group

The first Java developer conference organized by the Croatian Oracle User Group is being held in Tuhelj, Croatia, this week. NetBeans demos and presentations will be done there too!

30 May: Oracle Technology Network Developer Day

A free day-long event of Java hands-on labs and sessions at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, California.

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