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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #546 - Jul 16, 2012)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #546 - Jul 16, 2012)

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NetBeans IDE 7.2 Gets Greenlight for Release

Is NetBeans IDE 7.2 ready for release? According to 91% of you who responded to the NetBeans 7.2 community acceptance survey, the answer is YES. To who participated: The NetBeans team appreciates your valuable feedback!

Download the Essential JavaFX 2.0 Cheat Sheet

DZone's latest reference card helps you get started writing JavaFX applications. It also doubles as a useful guide to some of the more advanced APIs.

Quorum 1.5 Released with Robotics Controller for Blind Students

The team behind Sodbeans, the blind accessibility programming environment, has released an update to the Quorum programming language. A main highlight of the release is integration of a robotics controller for visually impaired developer students.


Creating and Accessing a Session Bean in a Web Application

image Enterprise JavaBeans technology is the server-side component architecture for developing and deploying business applications in Java EE. In this tutorial, you will create a JEE 6 Web Application and add the following components to it: Stateless Session Bean, a Servlet, and a JSP.

Video: Scene Builder 1.0 with NetBeans IDE 7.2

This video shows improvements made to Scene Builder integration in NetBeans IDE 7.2.

Integrating Workflows into the NetBeans RCP

In this NetBeans Platform tutorial, you are shown how to create a pluggable infrastructure as the basis for a workflow application.


New Blog: Java Training Beat

image The Java Curriculum Developers, a group of dedicated training developers for Java who are located in the US, India, and now Mexico, have a new blog called the Java Training Beat. Check it out for new training content and events that might be of interest to Java developers, and post your comments and suggestions to the team.


Adam Bien, JAX 2012 Top Java Ambassador!

The JAX Innovation Awards votes are in, and NetBeans Dream Team member and Java EE expert Adam Bien is the top Java ambassador for 2012. Congratulations Adam!

Vote for Duke's Choice Awards Community Winner

The Duke's Choice Awards celebrate extreme innovation in the world of Java technology. For the first time, the Duke's Choice Award program includes a Community Choice winner. Cast your vote today and decide who wins the first Community Choice distinction. The poll closes Friday, July 20th.


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