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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #549 - Aug 07, 2012)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #549 - Aug 07, 2012)

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Java Spotlight Podcast: JavaFX 2.2 UI Controls

Software engineer and JavaFX UI tech lead Jonathan Giles chats about JavaFX 2.2 UI Controls.


Video: Doctrine 2 Framework Support in NetBeans IDE for PHP

This screencast shows how to work with the Doctrine 2 PHP framework in NetBeans IDE, and covers installation tips for Doctrine 2, enabling Doctrine 2 for a project, and more.

Amazon Beanstalk Support in NetBeans IDE

NetBeans 7.2 introduces support for Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Service (EBS). Learn how to deploy web applications directly to the Amazon Cloud through the IDE.

Video: Generating PHP Documentation With NetBeans IDE

Built-in support for ApiGen was added in NetBeans IDE 7.2. This screencast shows how to generate PHP documentation using ApiGen with NetBeans, and includes details of installing ApiGen with PEAR and a simple example of use.


Creating a No-Interface View Session Bean and Packaging in a WAR File


This example demonstrates the simplified programming and packaging model changes provided in EJB 3.1. Since the mandatory use of Java interfaces has been removed in EJB 3.1, plain old Java objects can be annotated and used as EJB components. It also supports the ability to place EJB components directly inside Web applications, thereby removing the need to produce archives to store the Web and EJB components and combine them together in an enterprise archive (EAR) file.

GWT4NB 2.10.6 Plugin for NetBeans 7.2

The GWT4NB plugin has been updated for NetBeans 7.2. The module allows developers to take advantage of NetBeans IDE's web applications support and the Google Web Toolkit.

UN Refugee Agency Software on the NetBeans Platform

Level One is a lightweight tool created by the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) for collecting information about refugees in an emergency context. Find out how the application was created using the NetBeans Platform.


Using Open Street Maps in your NetBeans Application

Learn how to embed maps a NetBeans Platform application using SwingX and the NetBeans Visual Library.

Tech Tip: Changing the Order of JavaHelp Topics

Adding JavaHelp topics to a NetBeans Platform application using the NetBeans IDE.


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