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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #550 - Aug 13, 2012)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #550 - Aug 13, 2012)

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Interview: PrimeFaces Lead Developer

Çağatay Çivici, PrimeFaces lead, who considers NetBeans his favorite IDE, is interviewed by Markus Eisele. Did you know that PrimeFaces is created in NetBeans IDE? Read all about Çağatay here.

Samplr Plugin for VisualVM

In this article, Juliano Viana introduce Samplr, an open source sampling profiler that can be embedded in any Java application, such as VisualVM, for automatic identification of performance bottlenecks.

Business Process Analysis on NetBeans

When analyzing and processing data across multiple groups within an organization, Mercur Business Control, a Swedish Java desktop application, created on the NetBeans Platform, can be used. Read all about the application here.


Aug 2012: NetBeans Platform Training in Goettingen

End of August, as every year, the Source Talk Tage in Goettingen, Germany, will host a NetBeans Platform course!

Sep/Oct 2012: NetBeans Platform Trainings in San Francisco & Munich

Toni Epple reveals the latest Eppleton plans for integrating you into the NetBeans Platform!


Tweet of the Week: @MorgansCode

"I updated to NetBeans IDE 7.2. It's blazingly fast compared to 7.1, especially on my (slightly underpowered) netbook." @MorgansCode

Customizing Maven Installers

Hermien Pellissier continues contributing tips and tricks for Maven developers using the NetBeans Platform!

What Makes Bad Programmers Different?

NetBeans Dream Team member John Yeary asks "What makes bad programmers different?" Read on for an interesting discussion!


Screencast: PHP & Continuous Build Servers in NetBeans

This screencast shows how to set up PHP applications on Hudson and Jenkins continuous build servers. It includes an overview of what continuous builds are and why they can be useful with PHP applications. The screencast also shows how to launch a build job for a PHP application and how to access the results.

Screencast: Praxis Intermedia System

Neil Smith takes gets you up and running on a new open-source media project created on the NetBeans Platform.

Get Started with Wicket in NetBeans IDE 7.2

The NetBeans Wicket plugin is ready for NetBeans IDE 7.2. Read about getting started with it here!

Get Started with Gradle in NetBeans IDE 7.2

Attila Kelemen reports on the developments of the Gradle plugin, with several performance enhancements. Take a look, join the project, contribute code, or give Attila some feedback!

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