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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #551 - Aug 20, 2012)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #551 - Aug 20, 2012)

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NetBeans @ JavaOne 2012

Coming to JavaOne this year? In addition to NetBeans Day on 30 September, there's many more opportunities to get involved in the NetBeans community at JavaOne. Here's a list of all the sessions throughout JavaOne that deal with NetBeans IDE in one way or another. See you there!

NetBeans PHP Team: New JavaScript Editor

The NetBeans PHP Team has been working on a completely new and rewritten JavaScript editor. In this blog entry, you're invited to download it and give it a try, your feedback would be highly appreciated!

Plugin: NetBeans/Ubuntu Unity Integration

The Ayatana plugin integrates the NetBeans menu bar with Unity, as well as letting you use accelerators and keyboard shortcuts, as well as Unity's Heads Up Display.


10 Time-Savers in NetBeans IDE

The Oracle Java curriculum development group has compiled a list of ten time saving features in NetBeans IDE, features that make the development of Java software a lot easier!

5 Tips for Arabic Java Desktop Developers

When creating Java software systems in Arabic, you'll encounter several stumbling blocks, which are discussed and solved in this article.

Earth Observation & Monitoring on the NetBeans Platform

From construction site damage control to avalanche prediction, GRID-IT in Austria is focused on earth observation and monitoring. In this article, three cool business applications on the NetBeans Platform are discussed.


NetBeans 7.2 Refactoring Enhancements

Dustin Marx has a great blog that frequently focuses on NetBeans IDE. Recently, he's described how to refactor a constructor as a static factory and how to refactor a paramterized constructor as a builder.

Ruby Ready for NetBeans IDE 7.2

Start using Ruby and Rails support in NetBeans IDE 7.2 today, via the upgraded community Ruby plugin.

Functional Testing, Maven, and the NetBeans Platform

Hermien Pellissier reports on how to get started setting up functional tests for Mavenized NetBeans Platform applications. Get set up, kick off the test process, and watch your application get clicked!


Video: Java EE 6 with PrimeFaces and Maven

In this video, you see an end-to-end demonstration of a Java EE 6 application created on Maven, with PrimeFaces as the component library, and Maven as the build system.

Video: Two Hidden NetBeans Features

Features enabled via drag 'n drop are hard to discover but, nonetheless, very powerful. In this video you learn about two of them.

Video: Simple Palette for Custom FileTypes

In this article and video, you learn how to integrate a palette with a multiview element.


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